Selvakumar Edwardraja PhD

My Research Topics

Current projects

  • Development of Synthetic Protein Biosensors for Nanotechnology platforms.


Past works (success stories...)


  • Bioengineered multifunctional yeast nanofragments as universal nanoprobe


  • Exploring performance parameters of artificial allosteric protein switches

Cagla et al., 2022


  • Engineering and exploiting synthetic allostery of NanoLuc luciferase

Zhong et al., 2022


  • Generation of Nanoyeast Single-Chain Variable Fragments as High-Avidity Biomaterials for Dengue Virus Detection

Fahimeh et al., 2021


  • Connecting Artificial Proteolytic and Electrochemical Signaling Systems with Caged Messenger Peptides

Paolo et al., 2021


  • Amplification-Free SARS-CoV-2 Detection

Junrong et al., 2021


  • Self-powered molecule release systems  through reconfigurable Boolean logic gates

Paolo et al., 2021


  • Control of Allosteric Protein Electrochemical Switch Using Magnetic Signals

Paolo et al., 2020


  • Control of Allosteric Protein Electrochemical Switches

Paolo et al., 2020


  • Caged Activators for Synthetic Allosteric Protein Biosensors

Selvakumar et al., 2020


  • Protein Biosensors Based on Synthetic Switch Modules

Zhong et al., 2019


  • Engineering of 2nd Generation Antibody (Human Lipocalin2) Scaffold by Introducing Non-natural Amino Acids


  • Rational Design of an Anticalin-Type Sugar-Binding Protein

Selvakumar et al., 2017


  • Design of dinuclear Mn-sites in artificial four-helix bundle proteins

Olson et al., 2017


  • Sequence fingerprint for GFP-like fold

Selvakumar et al., 2016


  • Design of dinuclear manganese cofactors for bacterial reaction centers

Olson et al., 2015


  • De novo designed metalloproteins and Copper coordination studies

Marco et al., 2015


  • Targeted Delivery of Ubiquitin-Conjugated inhibitors into Cancer Cells

Avinash et al., 2014


  • Modeling of 3-Hydroxyisobutyrate Dehydrogenase

3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase

 Shengfang et al., 2013

  • Anti-c-Met single domain antibody with human stable frameworks

anti-cMet Single Domain

Selvakumar et al., 2012

  • Crystallization of mouse Mcl-1 with chemically stapled NOXA-B peptide inhibitors PDB ID: 4G35

Mouse MCL-1 with stapled peptide inhibitor (NOXA-B)

Avinash et al., 2012


  • Copper-Free Sonogashira Cross-Coupling for Functionalization of Alkyne-Encoded Proteins in Aqueous Medium and in Bacterial Cells


Nan et al., 2011


  • Enhancing the thermal stability of a single-chain Fv fragment by in vivo global fluorination of the proline residues


Selvakumar et al., 2011
(wt-MscFv-model-kabat.pdb: PM0078682)


  • In vivo Based N-Terminal Site Specific Modification with Bio-Orthogonal Reactive Group on scFv Proteins


Edwardraja et al., 2010


  • Redesigning of Fragment Antibodies for Bacterial Cytoplasmic Folding / Stability

Selvakumar et al., 2010


  • Comparative Structure Analysis of Fold Improvement Mutations on Cytoplasmic Stable vs Unstable scFv Proteins

Selvakumar et al., 2010
(wt-MscFv-model-kabat.pdb: PM0076146)
(hu-MscFv-model-kabat.pdb: PM0076147)


  • Genome-Wide Identification of Orthologous & Paralogous ALDH Proteins for 3-HP production

Subramanian Mohanraj et al., 2010

  • Sequence Motif & Structure Analysis on ALDH Proteins

Ji-Eun Jo et al., 2008

  • Expression System Evaluation for Efficient Incorporation of Non-canonical Amino Acids into Proteins

Niraikulam Ayyadurai et al., 2009

  • mRNA Secondary Structure Analysis on Domain Re-arrangements For Improved Folding/Production of scFv protein

Yu-Jin Kim et al., 2008


Thesis works

Bioinformatics course - 2002-2003

  • Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions in Deinococcus radiodurans R1 strain using computational methods

Power Point Show 2003


  • Identification of Genes Responsible for Parasitic life:
    Genome sequence comparison
    Filarial parasite nematode vs Free-living nematode
    for drug/vaccine targets identification

Power Point Show 2003


Masters course - 2000-2002

  • Arboratics - Web Tool Development For Identification, Location and Documentation of Higher Plants Through Internet

Arboratics - 2002 (Preview)


Bachelors course - 1997-2000

  • Studies On Cultivation Aspects Of Milky Mushroom (Calocybe indica P&C)


Research Interest

Protein Design & Engg.

Synthetic Biology